Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thank You Jesus!!!!

My mom has been great friends with Hector since before I was born. Hector is more like family. About three months ago Hector was diagnosed with cancer. It was found at a stage one. He has surgery to remove a tumor an had chemo therapy. Hector went for his follow up after treatment and received great more cancer!

We were devastated when he began to feel sick again. Eight weeks after the initially treatment, the cancer returned. He had surgery this past Tuesday to remove another tumor and to see how far the cancer had spread. The doctor told him that if the cancer had roots, he would be terminal.

We prayed and prayed for Hector. Today we received great news...the cancer ha not spread an it didn't have roots. Hector is NOT terminal!! Hector will have to go through one round of chemo therapy.

I thank the Lord for His faithfulness and bringing Hector through. I'm reminded that we live in a broken world and are susceptible to it's brokenness, but Jesus overcame this brokenness. His word is above all things and He remains faithful in His promises to us. The issues of this world do not define us. It is Christ that lives in us that defines us.

We love you Hector!

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