Monday, May 5, 2014

This Blog Still Exists

Hello to all in the blog world. What an absence I have been on. There isn't a legitimate reason for having stayed away from writing on this blog except for a lack of effort on my part. If this post reaches anyone still interested in following, I appreciate you.

So why the need to revisit this blog...two years ago when I started this blog, I was convinced it would be my "platform" for something, I just wasn't aware of what. Over the course of these past two years, I have grown as a writer and as a believer. With this growth comes maturity and a clearer sense of what this "platform" should be about.

I used to obsess over who I could reach and what I could say and what I could do and what I could create, etc, etc, etc. I was very much a leaf tossed in the wind from one direction to the next. The direction of the winds lead me down various paths and have brought me back to square one, which I had avoided at all costs.

So what is square one you ask? In two words it is AUTISM and FAITH. In 2010 I received a call that turned my world upside down. A call to tell me my oldest son, Arron, displayed autistic characteristics. I would spend the next several months in denial and a state of depression, followed by anger and finally acceptance. My greatest fear was that by accepting an autism diagnosis, I would be dismissing a blessing of healing over my son. I worried that by accepting autism into our lives that I would look like a hypocrite for believing in healing. The past two years have shown me A LOT. And if it hasn't been made obvious in my writing up until now, everything was about ME and not about GOD. After this huge realization, the leaf came back to the tree it had fallen from, I turned my eyes to God.

What I hope to share with you in future posts is the journey we were on and were we go from here. There's a lot to be said to find another parent who is going through something similar as you at a time when one can feel the most alone. There is hope and life in sharing the ups and downs a parent faces when the reality of this world takes over. It is my hope that by being honest and sharing how I came from the thought of, 'if I accept autism, I loose a blessing' to 'it's been accepted and wow how the blessings have poured in so that I see the healing taking place before me'.

The other thought behind this is that in order for one to become better at what they do, one must practice. With that I will consider this outlet to practice my writer, to grow and learn how to be a better writer. With that, my hope is that you will enjoy the words I type onto this blog. When you read these words, may you see the Lord in them.

Many blessings to you! Until tomorrow.