Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Son, Arron

I'd like to share my son, Arron's, story. Arron is a healthy and happy five year old boy. Arron has always been on the timid side, a trait he gets from me. Arron was in daycare from the time he was a baby until he was about two and a half, in which he transitioned to Pre-school. Around the time of entering Pre-school, his dear aunt Cindy passed away at the age of 39. I saw a difference in my son. He was quiet and didn't smile as often. He'd frequently ask for his aunt. I also started to notice that when we'd ask him questions, he wouldn't answer.

Then one day I got a call from the Pre-school director that turned my world upside down. The director said a therapist was in his class working with another student. This therapist old the director that my son was displaying autistic characteristics. The characteristics were that he didn't want to join the group, he preferred to play alone and that he was playing with his shadow.

Now the preschool was apart of the agency that I was working for. The preschool was open to anyone, but primarily served our clients and their children. When the therapist found out that my son wasn't a client of the program, she told the director to disregard what she had said. I'm more than sure that this therapist was fishing for clients.

Anyway, I decided to follow up with my son's pediatrician. He didn't see anything to be concerned about, but did send us to a neurologist about my son's speech delay.

Here's where it gets interesting...the neurologist office put a shower cap thing on my son's head. He cried and kicked and screamed. The cap stayed on a total of 10 seconds. Now, I over heard the tech tell the family before us that only one parent could go in and both parent and child had to be completely still as to not distribute the frequencies. Hmmm? Disturb the frequencies? In all the neurologist can to the conclusion that my son had abnormal brain waves, would eventually have seizures and needed medication. What was that thing about the child being completely still? Oh and by the way, Dr. Neurologist couldn't tell me what the side effects of the meds would be.

Needless to say my husband and I turned our son over to God. We didn't put him on medication. We decided that we would let him grow and develop at his pace.

This has been such an experience in that it has matured my faith and has brought me to the understanding that the Lord is all that we need.

I prayed for my son everyday. This was a journey. At first, I felt that I had to use words to impress God, to make Him believe that my request was worthy of His attention. Then, I got to a point where I wouldn't pray for anything else because I didn't want to use up my 'credit' with the Lord. Please understand that when all this happened I was a newlywed with Christ. I had never heard the gospel before so everything was very new to me. I'm ever so thankful for my spiritual mentors, Luis and Ashley. They were the only ones that encouraged my family and I. Everyone else around us would say things like, 'well God wants your son to be that way.' 'That's what God gave you so you have to deal with it.' 'I don't think God can heal' 'you should just medicate him, that's why we have doctors'.

Luis and Ashley spoke Life into us. They assured me that it was ok to ask and pray for healing. Not only that, but, Christ wants us to be whole. When He died for our sins, he also died for our illnesses and brokenness.

It took time for all this to filter in. My prayers changed and once I had effortless faith, I began to see mountains move right before my eyes. I began to talk to God and pray for small things to happen with my son. I remember one night praying that Arron would answer the question of a stranger. See he would answer questions that family members would ask him, but if we were out in public and a waitress or cashier would ask him something he wouldn't answer. Well the next day we went out to eat and the waitress asked him a question about his hat, to which he answered. Tears filled my eyes and my husband asked what was wrong, to which I replied, "I prayed for that very thing last night".

There have been many answered prayers and Arron continues to grow and develop. At his five year check up his doctor felt he was doing well, but just needed some extra support to help his speech development. He suggested a speech therapist. I agreed and we have our initial appointment tomorrow. At the end of Arron's doctor appointment, his doctor said something that blew me away. He said, "I truly believe that the Lords provides us with all things, and the work I see in Arron is clearly His work. I also believe the prayer of a faithful man or women can move a mountain and I see that mountain moving in Arron". Needless to say I cried and cried and cried. But I also saw the Lord giving me confirmation and assuring me of His faithfulness to us.

My hope in sharing Arron's story is to offer encouragement that the Lord is faithful. Whatever it is that you are walking in the Lord is walking with you and He will bring you through. Also, continue to talk to God. Sometimes our prayers are answered immediately and often times we see our prayers answered later. The important thing to know is that God will come through for you, He won't abandon you.

One verse that encourages me is
2 Corinthians 5:7
For we live by believing and not by seeing.

The Lord showed me that even when the brokenness of this world is standing right in front of you and you can 'see' it, that doesn't mean it's truth. What is true is God's word and His promises for us. Truth that He is the authority over all things and that He loves us and wants us to be whole.

Thank you for reading. I know it was somewhat lengthy. If I can keep you in prayer about something, please email me.

Many blessings!

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