Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Look at Arron's World

My son Arron has found the camera feature on my phone. He'll grab my phone start shooting away. I appreciate the point of view/referrence for his pictures. After seeing how interested he is in taking pictures, I thought it might be cool to get him his own camera. I'd like to share some of his photography with you.

He took this picture of me driving, trying to figure my way around the Rio Grande Valley, from his booster seat in the back.

A side shot of his brother. Also from his booster in the backseat of my car.

A self potrait-the photographer himself wearing his daddy's sunglasses.

We were headed to Missouri for a board meeting with Axiom. After driving 8 hours, from San Antone, we stopped off at a hotel in Oklahoma. It was about 4am and we were popped...that is... until we got to our hotel room. We were wide awake and Arron grabbed the camera phone and started taking pictures. We were in a dark hotel room and the flash was too bright!!

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