Friday, June 8, 2012

Eye Contact

Arron had his initial evaluation with the speech therapist on Tuesday. Her main "assignment" for us was to work on Arron making eye contact. Since she pointed it out, I've been taking notice. He makes eye contact regularly with us. I've notice that it is with strangers that he tends to not make eye contact with.

The beauty in this assignment is that I've gotten to take a closer look into my son' beautiful eyes.
Arron has his daddy's long, full lashes that not all the mascara in the world could give me. When I was pregnant with him, I would act like I was taking his dad's eyelashes and give them to my belly. I love to look into those eyes and see the happiness and playfulness. I love looking into those eyes when he' exploring and seeing the amazement and wonder. I love looking into those eyes and seeing the hand of God at work in him.

To my Arron D., you are not what the world calls you to be, you are what God calls you to be. I trust that our Lord is calling you for great things. He is always faithful and will never abandon you.

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